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Paint Mahone Bay!

Centennial Infrastructure Art Initiative

As part of the Town of Mahone Bay’s centennial celebrations, the Town is inviting members of the community to add colour to our town, to celebrate our public infrastructure and to show our pride in where we live. Mini-murals, brightly painted public benches, decorated public infrastructure, and simple art bring colour to our public spaces and increase community pride.Button design

The Town is inviting submissions from artists who would like to enhance a specific piece of Town infrastructure with their design. Investing in public art helps create vibrant public spaces for residents and visitors. All eligible projects will be located on Town property and will be wholly owned and maintained by the Town once completed. Only approved projects will be permitted to be installed.

We are looking for art that:
1. Communicates our culture, community or heritage
2. Compliments the setting of the specific piece of infrastructure
3. Is unique and creative
4. Has a total project cost of up to $500

This project is open to both professional artists and other creative individuals or groups. This project does not include wages or compensation for the artwork. Paint and basic materials will be provided and a plaque crediting the group/artist if requested.
All work must be completed by November 30, 2019.

For full information and application information, please read the  Infrastructure Art Proposal.